So I Can Have It All You Say…

Is it that easy? Is it as simple as imagining what I want, where I want to be, and with whom I want to be with. And as long as I believe it is mine to have. Simple manifestation. Me the creator of my own reality.

Simple manifestation. Oh yeh easier said than done. My mind is a battlefield that does not rest not even when I am asleep. But wait, if it is that simple why are people not creating more for themselves? And please don’t say lack of knowledge. Could it be that they have the same mindset as me? I can imagine it,taste it, feel it, hell it is coming out of my pores I want it so badly.

What no one is saying is how long am I supposed to wait. One month a day, one year. But what they are saying though, is that I have to stay positive, keep out negativity and in the meantime go about my life and act as if I already have it all. Hey you haven’t met me but broke Boujee is what I am. Keep out the negativity, so no social media, no television, stay home from work, and does anyone want two kids to adopt oh and a husband.

Personally I believe your spirituality is enough. It should be that your beliefs and lifestyle, the choices you make determines your karma. What I am saying is do better so that you can be better.


With All That I am.

I am all that I am because of you.

I am holy because you are holy.

I am strong because you made me strong.

I am a beautiful woman because I was made in your image.

I am a warrior because you fought with me.

I am successful because you believed in me.

I am wealthy because you gave me houses I did not build and vineyards I did not plant.

I am living in total abundance because you placed your word above your name.

I am confident because you held my held my hand.

I am fearless because you thought me how to be brave.

I am empathy because my tears are your tears.

I am grateful because I never had to ask.

I am love because you are love.

I am forgiving because you forgave me.

With every breath that I take I am.

I am in the right place at the right time because you put me there.

I am happy because I found my greatest joy in your trust.

I am everything I am because you loved enough to always put me first.

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