On The Couch

Social half-truths, mixed in with lies and denial, add in a healthy dose of narcissistic dribble you better believe the devil made me do it. Mr morning star please remove your siblings from my fragile physic. I don’t know about you having a demon invasion is not recommended, having too many friends— yep let’s call them that, having too many friends telling you what to do is exhausting. You try pleasing all of them and see what happens. Talk about the devil playground. But be fair, even if it is to demons, I did invite them over for a play date. I never thought they would stay.

At the time you are thinking about what could go wrong, right, wrong. Everything. Try explaining that hungry ghost bender that you are on, or that sassy baka thing that you got going on. People look at you as if you are crazy, although that might be an easier explanation than—oh, that’s my demons playing, you know imaginary friends, hoping that sounds better. That should be your ono second moment right there, when they realize how fucked up you are and take a step back, by the way, awesome way to get family to stay away.

Ok chronic cringe moment here. I thought it would be easier to write my feelings down rather than talk to that person. I hope I did not inspire any uncomfortable feelings, if that’s the case might I suggest bleach, always work for me…ok then, what, like you haven’t thought about it. Sorry, but your couch is not very comfortable. Might I suggest a little wine…hey we are all adults here and you do want me to ‘loosen up’, just saying.

I am not one to talk about my feelings but if you think it will help, your the expert. I guess you have heard just about everything there is to hear, so here goes…


My Purgatory, Maybe…

What the hell am I supposed to do in purgatory while I wait? I mean I knew I would end up there or that other place at some point, but come on, who thinks about that place…no one that’s who. I thought it was a layover, you know until I catch the next flight unto the pearly gates, but something tells me that is not going to be the case. It seems that I will be having a staycation for about a month or a millennium, damn that road to perdition. I know, you expect me to whine and bemoaned how unfair this is and how no one told me… really no one told me, but that road was unpaved…

Write with lightning

You know that old cliche…the road to hell or in my case purgatory and how it is paved with good intentions and all, or is that just something people say. Anyways, I wish could say I did not know how I got here, but we all know the devil is always in the details. I could say he made me do it and led me down that road, that it was mostly cosmic incompetence, but I recognize that trip I was on, and I knew the final destination.

But really, put yourself in my shoes, so much fun, so much debauchery and everything in between. And maybe I went a little overboard, ok a lot, but now that I know what purgatory is all about…and in case you are wondering, it is there to make heaven an effective reality. And now, I have a chance to make things right with my layover, a chance to see God’s face, do you think I regret my debauchery? Hell no! I know, some people right…well, we’ve all been there, and you are now doing the same thing I did, so catch you on the flip side…?

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