Voodoo and Black Magic are they the same or is there a difference? Well, for some the answer varies. Most believe it is the same, a cult who is into devil worshiping. The ones who practice Voodoo or ‘Vodou’ say it is not morbid and there are no occultists or black magic involved in the practice. It is not intended to harm.

So what is Voodoo? The people that practice voodoo say it is their religion. It is a religion that originally came from Africa. It is now practice and integrated into the Native American and Catholic traditions mainly in the Caribbean and parts of the Americas. There are no bibles or scriptures to aid this religion, it mainly community based and teachings.

The voodooist believe in spirituality and like all other religion they believe in the afterlife. They look to their God who is known as Lwa, usually it is a loved one or a famous person who have past on to guide, protect and inspire them in their day to day lives.

Like all other religion the Voodoo worshippers have priests and priestesses. They offer council and supports its members the same like all other denominations. They take an active part in the communities and place great emphasis on healing and spirituality.

So why has Voodoo gotten such a bad rap? Let’s look at where Voodoo originated, Africa. Which takes us back to slavery, and many of the slaves were Voodooist. It was a culture and a practice that was both feared and dismissed as evil by the owners of these slaves.

A fear that has been past down for centuries. A fear, because of its origins is also known as black magic. Voodoo practice is both a blessing and a curse. Sadly, there are people in certain parts of the world who have made it that way and are using this religion and the craft of witches to do evil.

People who have power,who think negatively of other and seek to injure them ,are practicing a kind of voodoo,a lower sorcery.

Frederick Lenz


Where they came from…

So I started a dialogue about witches and was very vague in my thoughts, now I want to touch a little on when I think the paranormal came into existence.

Please be mindful that those are my beliefs, everyone has their own theories on this subject. I have had people believe that they were here before humans were placed on this earth and some believe that they are aliens here to observe humanity.

I want to go back in the beginning when God created the heavens and his angels were his soldiers and Satan was at his side. Yes, I am going there because I want you to understand my beliefs. According to the bible Satan was cast out of heaven with a few of his minions because they thought God was not being a good leader and they wanted to lead. It is said they were thrown out as spritural beings which allowed them to take on different forms.

A few of the people I have spoken with think that this is where witches who were regular human beings have evolved from or rather where they got their gifts of magic. These gifts were given in exchange for these women to bare children with these spritural beings or “lesser Gods”. Satan wanted to creat his own army and in doing so these children were born God like creatures.

The children that were formed were all abnormal because of all that power. I mean Gods mating with humans. So, what was created were really werewolves, vampires, giants, faeries, and all the shapeshifters that can take the human form.

These creatures were born with amazing gifts that were genetically pass on to them by their god like parents. Imagine having amazing strengths, lighten fast speed and being anywhere in an instant. Is it any wonder why we are being seduce by the others.

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