Where my friends at.

‘All my friends are flakes’ I saw that on someone’s tee-shirt recently and I smiled because who doesn’t have a few flakes in their lives. And if you are lucky like me or unlucky depending on how you feel, none of them are ever happy for you. They will say they are, but actions speak—well louder than words. The friendship rules only apply so far and no further than I am successful or trying to become a success.

Do you have that someone in your life that pushes and encourages you to follow whatever thousand and one crazy dreams you may have? Who is that person, if you fail, they are there to say ‘okay what’s next on your list’ or ‘tell me what you have so far so we can brainstorm together? Hell, even making new friends nowadays is scary. Where are all the people that make genuine friends? Seek a friend before you need one, but how can I trust that when all my friends are…well you get the idea.

One is Silver the other is gold. Maybe I am getting too old. I am not looking for friends, but is it asking too much for people to be caring and thoughtful? Is it necessary to always be so vile and spiteful? That knife that you thoughtfully plunged in my back is healing now. Will I turn my back on you again, never?

I will celebrate and encourage you, catch you when you fall, and hold your hands when everyone else is afraid too. Hopefully, one day you will think about doing the same for me. That what’s friends are for.


My Purgatory, Maybe…

What the hell am I supposed to do in purgatory while I wait? I mean I knew I would end up there or that other place at some point, but come on, who thinks about that place…no one that’s who. I thought it was a layover, you know until I catch the next flight unto the pearly gates, but something tells me that is not going to be the case. It seems that I will be having a staycation for about a month or a millennium, damn that road to perdition. I know, you expect me to whine and bemoaned how unfair this is and how no one told me… really no one told me, but that road was unpaved…

Write with lightning

You know that old cliche…the road to hell or in my case purgatory and how it is paved with good intentions and all, or is that just something people say. Anyways, I wish could say I did not know how I got here, but we all know the devil is always in the details. I could say he made me do it and led me down that road, that it was mostly cosmic incompetence, but I recognize that trip I was on, and I knew the final destination.

But really, put yourself in my shoes, so much fun, so much debauchery and everything in between. And maybe I went a little overboard, ok a lot, but now that I know what purgatory is all about…and in case you are wondering, it is there to make heaven an effective reality. And now, I have a chance to make things right with my layover, a chance to see God’s face, do you think I regret my debauchery? Hell no! I know, some people right…well, we’ve all been there, and you are now doing the same thing I did, so catch you on the flip side…?

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