With All That I am.

I am all that I am because of you.

I am holy because you are holy.

I am strong because you made me strong.

I am a beautiful woman because I was made in your image.

I am a warrior because you fought with me.

I am successful because you believed in me.

I am wealthy because you gave me houses I did not build and vineyards I did not plant.

I am living in total abundance because you placed your word above your name.

I am confident because you held my held my hand.

I am fearless because you thought me how to be brave.

I am empathy because my tears are your tears.

I am grateful because I never had to ask.

I am love because you are love.

I am forgiving because you forgave me.

With every breath that I take I am.

I am in the right place at the right time because you put me there.

I am happy because I found my greatest joy in your trust.

I am everything I am because you loved enough to always put me first.


Author: Connie

I Believe in the things that we cannot see, but I still hope to see the things that do not want to be seen.

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